The world’s first Consumption-based Defi Protocol

But how does it work?

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Frak is a decentralized finance (DeFi) system that seeks to revolutionize the way value is created and distributed in the content creation industry. In the traditional model, only a small fraction (about 6%) of the value generated from a creator's work actually reaches them, with the majority being captured by intermediaries involved in content distribution. This has resulted in creators earning an average annual revenue of just $600.

The Frak protocol aims to address this imbalance by leveraging blockchain technology to create a system that directly connects content creators with their audience, allowing for a more equitable distribution of value. Here's how it works:

  • Consumption-Based Consensus: The protocol operates on a consumption-based consensus mechanism where the value of content increases as it is more consumed and shared. The audience, which fuels this value increase, also shares in the benefits, creating a win-win situation for both creators and consumers.
  • Investment with FRK Tokens: Users can invest in derivatives called "Fraktions" using FRK tokens. These Fraktions are linked to content usage data, and the more a user consumes and shares content, the higher the yield they receive from their Fraktion.
  • Advertising and Partnerships: Advertisers can utilize FRK tokens to purchase advertising space within the Frak ecosystem. Additionally, users can use their FRK tokens to avail special deals from partners who accept the tokens and to buy exclusive content, adding value to the system.

By fostering a direct link between content and its audience, the Frak protocol aims to create a more equitable and rewarding content ecosystem.